giovedì, ottobre 23, 2003

E sempre a proposito di vecchio noise...
Pescando fra i CD, e andando a rileggere i testi, mi è saltato all'occhio questo. Magari allora faceva meno impressione, certe cose erano state meno evidenti o erano già dimenticate...

The lower they go, the higher they fly
There's more than one way to play and I say an eye for an eye
It's been going too far, been going too far for far too long
I want to sent it on fire, I want to set it on fire, drop the bomb
Surprise, surprise. The government lies.
It's okay to kill in the name of democracy
And dictators are swell if they like the smell of American money
It's making me sick, I want no part of it
Stop waving that flag
All you idiots bought right into it
And who's left holding the bag?
Surprise, surprise. Surprise, surprise.
The government lies.

This capsized country's sinking fast
I've got leeches and landlords and lawyers
Crawling all over my ass
We've been playing along and they've
Been playing the song we wanted to hear
But the melody's meaningless
Wasted on my ears
Surprise, surprise. Surprise, surprise.
The government lies.
Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off

Cop Shoot Cop "Surpise, Surprise" dall'album Ask Question Later (1993)

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